About Us

We are creatives from NYC. Some do design, some do video, some are developers, but collectively, we built Setle.

Our goal was simple - We wanted to make things run smoother. The one sure way we knew could help, is if we spend less time on admin and delivery.

We connected different parts of project delivery (reviews, file transfer & payments), in one place, prioritized security, and then automated it. This was with the vision of making the ‘last mile’ of any project faster and seamless for everyone.

Reviews are faster and synchronized, and delivery is automatic upon payment. This way, no one has to sit around and wait for the other one to make a move when both sides are ready to close.

Save your time and give more time to those you work with. We promise that no one will be mad, if you make this easier for them.

With Love from NYC,
Setle crew

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